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Live the complete experience! Visit iconic places in the surroundings of Ibiza and Formentera, where you can take the best pictures, enjoy unique gastronomy both in restaurants and onboard, and be in the most exclusive places.

We have tackled different packages. They adapt to all types of plans, so don’t miss the opportunity to have the best guidance and travel plan with our qualified team.


If you want a day of absolute relaxation or if you’re looking to connect with the magical energy of the island with friends in a natural environment, then the Magic Vibes package is the right one.

The day begins at Marina Botafoc, leaving at 1:00 p.m. The first anchoring will take place on one of the most popular and crowded beaches in Ibiza, Salinas. It is located in the Ses Salines Natural Park, a protected reserve. This is one of the favorite destinations for artists due to its fine sand and warm clear water. You’ll also have the opportunity to dive on the neighboring beach of Cap des Falcó.

The second stop will be at Sa Caleta, an emblematic beach because of its rocks and reddish sand considered its Phoenician settlement, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, you’ll be able to enjoy the most gourmet Mediterranean gastronomy in one of the Cala Jondal restaurants, such as Tropicana, Ses Boques or Es Xarcu.

After delighting with the gastronomy and the environment of the south of the island, you will continue your journey towards the Atlantis of Ibiza in Cala d’Hort. This is a paradise of natural pools, imposing nature and unforgettable landscapes.

The last stop will be at Es Vedrá, an islet that belongs to the Es Vedrá, Es Vedranell, and Els Illots de Ponent natural park. It has a great ecological value, where you will enjoy a unique sunset in the world. This place is full of myths and it is also the third most magnetic point on earth; you will experience incredible sensations. It is the perfect closure for a magical day.

Up to 11 people can share this experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it!



What could possibly be more romantic than being with your partner in the middle of the sea, watching the sunset, dining sushi, and drinking Champagne?

Love Boat is a special package for lovers. If you want to propose, celebrate your anniversary, or simply enjoy a special day with your loved one, this package has it all.

The tour lasts an entire afternoon, departing from Marina Botafoc at 1:00 p.m. You will make the first stop in Espalmador, a dreamed place. It is a desert island, with crystal clear waters and white sand, where you can see how the horizon, the sea, and the sky meet in a powerful blue.

Then, you’ll stop at Illetes. It is an island classified among the best beaches in the world due to its magical environment, the blue waters and splendid nature. On this island, you can also find exquisite gastronomy with exceptional restaurants such as Juan and Andrea, El Pirata, and El Tiburon. A true paradise!

Last but not least, you’ll sail west and visit Cala Saona, an impressive place where you can enjoy the sea bobs. This is the perfect spot to appreciate the unbeatable view of the cliffs and the island of Ibiza. You’ll end your day on a romantic date onboard the yacht. You’ll be delighted with the incredible Ibizan sunset that will be accompanied by Champagne and sushi.

This is a unique, intimate, and unforgettable contact not only with your partner but also with the wonders of nature of these islands.


To celebrate unique moments in the waters of the Pitiusan Islands you can choose the extraordinary Single Party experience. If you take this experience you’ll be able to share it with 12 special people from your environment.

This experience, like the others, is designed and planned so that you can appreciate, with all your senses, the perfect combination, between the best views, beaches, and gastronomy.

The departure will be at 11 am from the Marina Botafoc. From there, you will go to the island of Espalmador, internationally recognized for its natural beauty and the transparency of its waters. It is located towards Formentera. On this small and cozy island, you have to make an obligatory stop to fill yourself with energy, and with the strength of the environment and the softness of its white sands.

The second anchor will be in Illetes, a wild and natural Mediterranean paradise that will be remembered as an extraordinary experience. Without a doubt, it is a place that you will enjoy to the fullest. In addition, there you will have a first-class gastronomic variety, in restaurants such as Juan and Andrea, El Pirata, or El Tiburon.

The tour ends in Cala Saona, where you can enjoy its unique waters and practicing activities with sea bobs. You will also contemplate the spectacular view of the cliffs and extracting the essence of a perfect day that will always remain in your Top of Mind.

This tour is the perfect option to create unforgettable memories with the most important people. Don’t think it twice.


If you want to appreciate the landscape from the sea, between the silences and the magic of one of the most mountainous environments, and with the most impressive sunsets, you cannot miss experiencing the north of the island on one of our boats.

Starting from Santa Eulalia del Río at 11 am, the Wild in the North package will give you an incredible group experience. Once again a total of 12 people can attend. This is how you can make the trip unique and enjoy it to the fullest.

The first anchor will be on the island of Tagomago, a place with exquisite natural beauty. It is located in the northeast of the island. There, you will be able to enjoy almost exclusively the waters of an ideal beach for diving.

In this journey, you will see Cala Xucla and Cala Xarraca, natural corners less known by tourists. Their charm transcends and will make you fall in love almost instantly. This part of the island is characterized by its authentic air, much more hippy and wild; it is without a doubt, a unique place.

The gastronomy of the area is from the land, fresh and natural. This time you’ll be able to enjoy the most famous Ibizan dish in San Miguel, in Port de Balanzat, the Bullit de Peix.

Throughout the day you’ll visit different places, such as Cala Boix or Cala Pluma, to take a dip and enjoy its warm waters. This is an experience filled with the natural wonders of Ibiza. It is totally worth experiencing.


The Incentive Trip is the retire you must take to strengthen ties and work relationships with employees. You can do it to motivate and thank them for everything they do for the company. You can also thank the best customers by giving them a journey in our fleet so they can connect the brand with an unforgettable experience.

This is the ideal option if you want to spend a different time of relaxation, connection with nature, and having fun with coworkers, to strengthen a team, or to retain customers that make you grow. Up to 12 group members can participate.

This experience departures from Marina Botafoc or Santa Eulalia del Río at 11 am. You will go to Formentera and do the first anchoring in Espalmador. You’ll be able to enjoy almost privately a sea of blue waters and white sand. Picture your team fortifying ties in a Mediterranean paradise.

The next stop will be in Illetes, one of the best beaches not only in Ibiza and Formentera and in the world. There you can have a meal in one of the expert restaurants in indigenous gastronomy that is on the island.

Finally, you’ll enjoy the Sea bobs. This is enough reason to put the formalities aside and focus on living the experience. Share, laugh, enjoy, relax… create more focused and geared relationships. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the view of the majestic cliffs and Ibiza from Saona, the last stop on the tour.

You can not miss the opportunity to experience all this in a day like no other. A day of leisure, enjoyment, and connection between the components of the work team or to build customer loyalty that can make a difference and increase the productivity of our company. Let us guide you in this experience.

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