We have a wide variety of services that all sea lovers may be interested in. If you are a tourist, or if you live on our beautiful island, we consider all the details to please you.

Since 2011, we are known for our dedication to selling boats and renting our fleet; we are also known for having other accessories to enjoy the sea, such as sea bobs. In addition to this, we provide maintenance services for external boats, cleaning service, documentation management, and boat custody service during winter.

As a novelty this year, we have developed exclusive experiences that adapt to all kinds of plans. So, don’t miss the opportunity to have the best advice and travel plan with our team. We designed tours in different settings, like a romantic date, a bachelor party, a party with friends, a family adventure, or a team-building day out.

You decide and we guarantee every scenario!


Nautigas fleet rental

One of our most popular services is the rental of luxury yachts. We have a fleet of 10 yachts at your disposal to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you like to enjoy landscapes, to relax or to enjoy the surroundings with your friends or family, then renting a yacht is an ideal option.



Sale of boats

If you have thought that it is time to enjoy your boat exclusively, in Nautigas we offer you the advisory you need to purchase what works better for you. We guide you through the process, agile and without problems.

We have a wide variety of ships at your disposal. Make the dream of having your own yacht come true and stroll through the Balearic Islands whenever you want.

Due to the experience we have in the sector, we take care of all the procedures so that your investment follows the appropriate processes and becomes a successful investment.


Various services

Among the services we offer, we highlight the processing for registration, among other procedures related to sale and acquisition of boats.

If you are a resident of the island and have your own yacht, in us you get your perfect ally. You can count on Nautigas for first quality maintenance of your boat; as well as preparing them before and after your trips. We also offer the protection and custody of them during winter.

Personalized experiences

Let us organize everything for you!

Live the complete experience! Visit iconic places in the surroundings of Ibiza and Formentera, where you can take the best pictures, enjoy unique gastronomy both in restaurants and onboard, and be in the most exclusive places.

We have tackled different packages. They adapt to all types of plans, so don’t miss the opportunity to have the best guidance and travel plan with our qualified team.


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